About US

About Us
Our roofing specialists prides itself with more than ten years of work experience in providing roofing services in the Central Coast area. We are a local company with vast industry experience in putting up new roofs and repairing the old ones.We have the potential to handle residential, commercial, and industrial roofing at an affordable cost.
We offer professional services in the repair and restoration of roofs. Our company comprises competent contractors with high skills and vast experiences. 

Our primary objective is to provide high-quality roofing and restoration services to our esteemed clients. We achieve this by adhering to our company policies and using our resources effectively.
We have a team of highly-skilled and experienced roofing contractors. Most of these professionals have are insured and licensed to offer roofing services. More importantly, our members of staff are governed by our core values, and they provide services within this framework.

We use modern techniques to clean, repair, replace, and restore roof tiles and gutters. Our services are affordable, and there is room for negotiation.
When it comes to roof repair, we have vast experience in fixing common types of roof leaks. We know how to identify roof leaks, and we take a professional approach to fix them.
Determining the exact point where the roof is leaking isn’t easy unless you are experienced. Our roof restoration experts  are experts in identifying and repairing roof leaks. More importantly, we can locate difficult-to-find leaks and fix them completely.

We always focus on using the right paint for your roof. We understand how low-quality paint can subject your roof to moisture, and to overcome this,  we use water-based paint.
We are aware that not every coating fits every kind of roof, and due to that, we select a product that corresponds to the materials used for the roofing. We usually use coatings, such as elastomeric roof coating and rubber coating to do the resealing.

Our roofers understand the different roles of roof coatings, and they apply them appropriately to serve the right purpose. It is vital to note that some roof coatings are intended to fix leakages, and others are used to offer UV light protection.

We provide perfect roof restoration services. Before we restore your roof, we visually inspect it to determine if there are cracks in the roof cover. If you realize that there are water stains from the interior of a building, then it is time to restore your roof.

After inspection, we write a report on its condition and recommend solutions for you. We also provide you with reasons why you should restore or replace it.

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