Roof Restoration

If your roof is leaking, worn-out, or very old, you may weigh the options of restoring or replacing it. Replacing an entire roof can be costly in terms of materials and labor. However, restoring is a cost-effective option, and can prolong the lifespan of your roof.

Before we restore your roof, we visually inspect it to find out whether there are gaps in flashing, cracks in the roof cover, and wet insulation. If you find water stains or mould from the interior of a building, then it is time to restore your roof. Also, note that our roof restoration cost is affordable and flexible.
After inspecting your roof, we further examine it and write a report on its condition and then recommended solutions. Also, we advise whether to restore or replace it. If there is minimal damage on your roof, restoration is considered a better option. Note that roof restoration refers to refurbishing your roof to make it look new.

It is essential to consider restoring your roof if it has been damaged by wind, water or fire. Note that smoke from the fire can also damage the structure, and a strong wind can blow off your shingles. Therefore, restoration is meant to repair your roof to the condition it was before the damage. In case restoration is unable to fix the problem, it is crucial to consider replacing the roof.

It is estimated that a restored roof lasts for 15 years while a replaced one can go for 20-25 years. In conclusion, you should consider restoring your roof when natural calamities have damaged it. For instance, moist, corroded, or damaged gutter need restoration.

Cleaning is an essential part of the restoration process. Firstly we will look at fixing any broken tiles and gutters, then we will look at painting the roof. 
When moss and lichen builds up roofs, this can cause premature ageing of the surface.
Solar panels, air con units and heating and ventilation units all create a situation where our roofers must take extra care. 
We use specialised cleaning equipment for our cleaning work. Our work is fully liable and insured as well, so you can be sure you are fully covered for our work. 

For some clients who have a roof restoration, we often have to look at resealing (repointing) their roof as well, depending on how aged and deteriorated the tiles and ridge caps are on the roof. 

This is all important aspects our team will examine when carrying out roof inspections.

If your roof is in need of a renovation, then we would be happy to provide you with a full roof assessment and get it back to a worthy and safe condition!

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