How Much Does a Roof Restoration Cost?

Roof restoration, as we have discussed above, can be a much smaller outlay than the cost of replacing a brand new roof! To fully renovate a roof and quoting the job it will depend on a few factors

  • Condition of the roof
  • Type of roof
  • Size of roof

Approximate pricing of a roof restoration

  • $250 to $500 for a full clean of the roof
  • $200 to $500 for tile repair
  • $50 to $50 per square metre for metal roof repair
  • $60 to $70 per square metre for tile roof repairs
  • $3000 for a full roof restoration of an average sized house
  • Full restoration of a tiled roof can cost anywhere from $4500 to $12,000 for a larger job
  • When we come to meet with you, we sit down with you and run through the cost breakdown of the job and how to make it best suit your budget. We guarantee all pricing to be honest, up front, no hidden costs.